Distinguished Achievers Breakfast

Tuesday, August 18
8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Ballroom, Third Level

Tickets are included in a full registration, spouse/guest or Tuesday day pass. Tickets can also be purchased for $25 per person in advance at the registration desk in the Convention Center Lobby. Must present ticket for entry. If you arrive late, seating and/or meal service may be no longer available.

Featured Speaker TJ Kennedy | Keynote Presentation Peter Pace

KennedyTJ-200x280Featured Speaker
TJ Kennedy
Acting Executive Director, FirstNet
Revolutionizing Public Safety Communications

FirstNet continues to make significant strides to carry out its mission to deploy the nationwide, interoperable, public safety broadband network. FirstNet’s TJ Kennedy will provide an update on FirstNet’s progress, including efforts presently underway towards crafting a Request for Proposals to implement the network.

Keynote Presentation

PacePeter-200x280General Peter Pace
Sixteenth Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Leading Up

While we all understand that the boss has a responsibility to lead an organization’s employees, we rarely focus on the employees’ responsibility to lead the boss. In addition to mentoring and motivating subordinates, effective leaders value the perspective of all members of the team, and encourage subordinates to lead up — to share information up the chain of command in a way that helps an organization’s leaders make timely, accurate decisions.

A master at serving many masters, General Pace demonstrates how to think through the consequences of multiple competing priorities, see the bigger picture, and communicate that strategic analysis up the chain in a way that is clear, precise, and useful.


  • Platinum Corporate Partners
  • CALEA Certifications
  • NCMEC Partnerships
  • APCO Registered Public-Safety Leader (RPL) Program Graduates

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