New Product Zone

These new products in public safety communications will be showcased in the Exhibit Hall.

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P25 Solution Set

Booth #1121

Designed for outstanding mission critical performance, ruggedness, and reliability, the P25 Solution Set features the ATLAS® 4500 P25 Phase 2 capable repeater, Viking® P25 VM900 multi-band mobile and Viking Speaker Microphone series. This solution set provides advanced feature capabilities for police, fire, EMS, and other mission critical users in public safety.

HALO™ PDCE Lightning Suppressor

Booth #1404

The HALO™ PDCE Suppressor is the only lightning and EMP protection device to use deionization technology to prevent lightning strikes and mitigate EMP damage. With over 8000 installations worldwide, the HALO has a 100% success rate in the field. Its capabilities make it ideal for protecting communication facilities, data centers and critical infrastructure.

XL-200P Full-Spectrum Multiband Radio

Booth #1033

The Harris XL-200P is the most advanced multiband, LTE-capable radio available today. Designed from the ground up with input from users like you, the XL-200P converges the toughest specs in the industry with leading edge technology like a powerful 1.5W audio amplifier, last received audio recall, and Wi-Fi.

new_inMotionInMotion CAD
Booth #2043

Re-engineered from the ground up with a host of features and functions capable of supporting any sized dispatch center and flexible enough to handle any configuration combination.  Available domestically and internationally (multi-lingual) the new CAD version already supports customers with call volumes of 2,500 per hour.

Note: “New” is defined as having been released or substantially revised between
September 2014 to August 2015.