The truth behind Clone A Willy DIY kit

If you’ve ever gone online to search for penis molding kits, I’m sure you’ve come across the famous Clone A Willy at Twice Tonight. This insanely popular product has taken the market by a storm by introducing the concept of DIY dildos. Not only that, it has the power of making the perfect replica of your willy. How cool is that!?

What is this Clone A Willy anyway?

As the name suggests, Clone A Willy is a DIY cloning kit to make a replica of your penis. It comes in a cylindrical container with all the necessary items to give you the dildo you have always wanted.

Cool, but is this product even popular?

Boy, oh boy! This product has certainly gained more popularity in the last few years than most sex toys combined! Even if you pool in all the major dildo brands and vibrator companies, no other product gained this much public support or rather a public craze. Social media exploded with compliments flooding in from all corners of the world. Clone A Willy was not only backed by kinky sex enthusiasts but also by regular bedroom couples *wink wink*

But have you ever wondered why exactly Cool A Willy became so popular? What secret led to this vast trendsetting fad about this one penis mold? It’s all in the recipe.

Clone A Willy gave something to the audience that no one ever could. It gave them the ability to make their dildos. Sure there were popular sex stores around random streets that could do the job, but none were so accurate in replicating the texture of the penis by the millimeter.

So, the reasons why Clone A Willy broke the market are:

  • The unique idea of cloning the penis
  • Easy to use and very convenient
  • Cheap and affordable kit

Gotcha. What’s the exact science behind this product?

As I said, the real reason why Clone A Willy became so popular was its unique recipe. The product knew exactly what to serve and how to work to make such a unique dildo.

There have been so many products that claim to do the job of making a silicone mold, but more often than not, they fail miserably. The developers of Clone A Willy knew precisely what issues its competing brands had. Some of them are:

  • The ingredient list to make the whole thing bio-safe
    First and foremost, biosafety. The team behind Clone A Willy was always set on ensuring that this product was 100% safe to use.
    Since this product stays in intimate contact with your privates, making the product bio-safe was their primary goal. Therefore they had to reinvent most of the ingredients through grueling hours of work in the laboratory collaborating with clinicians from across the globe.

  • Working with only household products
    To make the Clone A Willy dildo, you just need water leaving out the 3 usual ingredients with the kit. They could cut down on everything else to make a simplistic product that anyone can make at their convenience is commendable.

    Initially, you could get your penis cloned in those sex stores. But they used many products, including body oil, lubricants, chemicals, etc. But Clone A Willy cracked the code and just got down the list to 3 products, excluding water. So just buy the kit, take a bowl of water, and have everything you need to get your perfect dildo!

  • The recipe for molding powder
    It took years for the team to come up with the exact composition of the molding powder. The major problem they encountered was that penises don’t stay erect for a long time in a random gooey mixture for apparent reasons. Hence they had to make sure that the molding powder could quickly solidify around the penis and take its form as fast as possible. With over a hundred compounds in tests and several as prototypes, the team finally came up with this ingenious mixture that can solidify in less than 90 seconds! It indeed was an astonishing feat!

  • Making a lump-free silicon mixture
    If you’ve ever worked with silicon before, you’d know that it is increasingly difficult to work with the substance, especially if you’re trying to make a solid product out of the powder. Therefore, the developers of Clone A Willy had to come up with a compound of silicone that forms a homogeneous mixture with water and can retain shape. It makes unusual clumps and aggregates in the bottom if there is any disturbance in temperature and concentration.

    This process itself took over 11 months!

  • Fast setting silicon
    Most silicon mixtures take days to set. The developers knew they had to cut down on the solidifying time, so this was their next challenge. After a tedious journey, they finally came up with the current composition that can solidify evenly in 10 hours. Impressive!

With all these insane scientific modifications, Clone A Willy established itself as a leading brand in penis molding kits. This product has achieved several unimaginable feats just in a few years.

Many companies, including the giants in the business, tried their luck in making a similar product but failed miserably. They either couldn’t crack the recipe for making this product or just didn’t know how to replace the brand leader of this segment.

So when I say Clone A Willy is effin excellent, I mean it. Try this kit yourself and trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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